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Login works on the website but not on the app!! The app is useless

Vota Retire

Works Fine Thanks Voya Now I can check my account in mi IPhone 🙏🙏🙏🙏

iOS 11 and iPhone X support

App will freeze a lot and the cropped page for older iOS devices needs to to support iOS 11 and iPhone X screen. Please update. Thank you

I’m no longer found?!

Like other reviewers have mentioned, I am no longer able to log into my account via this app, my login is my ss# so I know that hasn’t changed. Called and got some robot call center loop of BS. Very frustrated especially since I get quarterly emails from voya to check my statement. Pointless and I’d give it a -5 ⭐️’s if I could.

Absolutely awful

Can’t even find the most basic information on my 401k—the ticker symbols. Stupid. It’s like this company doesn’t want people to understand their investments.

Hoping retirement funds are given more care than this app

App does not log on at all even though account information is correct and works on website. App appears to be several versions of iOS behind (old style stock buttons, cropped on iPhone X, low res appearance). I dont usually write reviews, but I’m begging - please help me have more confidence in Voya and allow me to check my retirement account status on my mobile device like any other bank.

Can’t get in to my account

I recently switched jobs (within the last month) and need to get into my retirement plan to roll it over to my new job. Except I can no longer log on using my employee ID and it continuously says my social security number is not on file. So I’m guessing they just stole all my saved money? I’ve tried to call and all I get is a robo call that hangs up on me at the end or a busy signal forever. I would love to rate the app higher but I can’t use it!

Always login issues

I can often not get into this app. Drives me crazy.


Need to add a way to view your existing loans. Also need facial recognition and Touch ID login. It’s 2018, it’s time Voya!

Log in issue

I can log in on my desktop but not this app.

IPhone X

Gotta do that IPhone X app remodel

Login troubles

Login issues appear to be fixed. Yay!

Minimal usefulness- mostly marketing crap

It is sad when the sales team out thinks the product manager. They didn’t have to try that hard because the product manager of this app is dumb.

Incorrect Information

First of all I’m 22 very capable of working with technology issues that are fairly common even when they’re not I’m able to fend for myself however this app is atrocious. It continues to say I have the wrong information when I know my SSN by heart (I know it) and have requested the access pin because I somehow thought I had it wrong since it continually said I had incorrect information. To this day I’m still not able to log in and check on my 401k status I’m beyond displeased with this “service”.

Constant lockouts

Less than useful user interface and constant problems getting logged in.


I like the convenience of this app. However l, I am unable to adjust certain features. For example, I have been unable to modify other retirement and savings income. This would be helpful as I like to actively manage my portfolio.

App worked fine

I downloaded the app and have had no problem. The first time I logged in it sent me a verification code and once I entered that I chose to remember the device. I also selected Touch ID and now I am able to log in with my thumbprint. I am able to make contribution changes through the app with no problem. I can also go back and check transactions. The previous person who had an issue with transaction search didn’t read because you can change the date range. This app obviously can’t do everything but what it is set up to do it does ok

Improvement time

Needs to be more user friendly with respect to navigation. Shouldn't have to mention this on a finance app, but why is it impossible to see the breakdown of how much particular funds have gained or lost in one’s portfolio?

Disappointing - limited information

This app has potential to be good, but it is disappointing that I can’t even see my monthly/quarterly total balances and contributions dating back any further than 6 months. It will show year to date, but if it’s January, that doesn’t help much. I can’t see my statements from here either.


Can’t even get passed the ‘terms and conditions’. Useless app


Why allow for Touch ID if I’m never allowed to use it? I’m constantly pestered to re-enter my information and update the application, never allowing me the convenience to use Touch ID to sign in. Such a waste of time.

Waste of time

Bad software.

It works...

But could definitely be improved the application navigation is not great

Even worse as of Dec 20, 2017

Open the app now and it now says go to webpage if you want info. Truly the WORST app in the world.


Last night, I changed my password. Downloaded the app to see if it had been improved since the last time I tried it which was over a year ago. I couldn’t even login as it failed to recognize my user id and password. Voya may manage their money well but their online and mobile tools are well behind industry standards.

Login doesn’t work

Login doesn’t work.

The worst app on my iPhone!

This app is truly the worst app ever have on my phone. It thinks it’s sophisticated but in reality it’s all fluff. Nothing works and everything action goes around in circles. My question to the app designer is “Did you ever put the app into the hands of a regular earthling and watch him use it?” I’ve put an hour into trying to figure out how to use it several times. That is a failure on my part and the app design. Monday I’ll call support and go through that rathole.


You’ve probably paid 1 million+ for this pile of garbage. Join the 21st century already.


Using same login information as I would on a desktop and the app keeps saying the information is incorrect.

Keep it simple...

Let user see performance graphs easily and not have to dig to fact sheet.

Voya app

Terrible. I was able log in once. Called customer service and was told VOYA did not even have an app. 😆 I guess he was right!

Times Out!!

This app offers Touch ID option but does not work and you have to use your username and password to sign in every time! (It's a pain!) When you try to go to preferences to set up Touch ID, it crashes every time! No way to remember your user name either, making it a real hassle to use every time! Please fix!


Crashes 99% of the time when moving from home page so can't check any of the balances. Not enough information- for instance can't see deposit details for monies less than 30 days. Website not much better. Why don't they invest in customer tools & experience? Hate this app.


Won't let me log in


Please make voya retirement compatible with mint again.

This app is very frustrating

For some time now it will not link with Mint. When I try to log in through Mint it does not connect. And it seems every time there is an update it disables the touch id login, stating there may have been changes since the last login. Well now I am locked out of my account since I can't remember my password. I thought that was the whole point of touch id. Not user friendly at all. Now I am instructed to call to be unlocked. No thanks.

A struggle to work with

Most non business hours, which is when the average person would check their retirement savings, the app seems to be down. The errors are not helpful, and exhibit a variety of symptoms. When it does log in, the app is hilariously outdated and doesn't show enough useful information. Some information, like dividend reinvestment doesn't exist at all. I intend to roll my account away as soon as I'm able.


Totally useless app. Every time I try to login, I put in the correct credentials only to be brought to a white screen for a minute before it times out. Worthless.

Show me more

It shows me my rate of return but I have to take there word for it as there is no way of seeing which elections are doing what. Show more info. I have a fidelity account also and there app is leaps and bounds above this one. They show you up to date info on every election and way easier to navigate.


Always times out and logs me out.

Issues with App

App doesn't work properly; each section that I select times out and logs me out. I use an iPhone and have the current software of 10.3.1. Frustrated.


Worked great with my Samsung. Switched to iPhone and the app won't open. Garbage!!!!

Not working- very frustrating!

I've been trying to log into this app to check my 401K, but it just loads a blank gray page when I enter my information. I called customer service, but after 5 minutes wasted in the VRU, I was told that if I couldn't remember my username, despite having all the other info about the account, that I'd have to select forgot username online- what the heck is the point in calling customer service at all. Just awful!

Do not get this App!

I had initially downloaded this app at the beginning of this year. It worked well until an update required me to change my password. Not only did the app fail in the middle of the process of changing my password, but it also locked me out of my account and has a blank screen every time I try to access my account to change my password (again). Do not waste your time.

Completely Broken

It is impossible to log into this app.

What a joke.

Doesn't even work. Can't get in.

Access to information quickly, not very intuitive

I like that I can access all the information I need on my 401k retirement account and that I can change my withholding in the app. You can access just about every piece of information you need, it's just not intuitive how to get to it.

Constantly crashes

I keep hoping Voya will fix this app. It's buggy and crashes. Every time I try to view my funds it logs out. It's pretty to look at but just does not work.

Worst App Ever-Been Down for Months, Can't log in

Consistently says "System Unavailable" needs a serious update.

Way to many timeouts

This app has more session timeouts than Congress! Please, please, please fix this app! Very frustrating to use!

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